Why We Grow Italian

It helps that we love Italy — the food, the wines, the climate, the people, the language.

But what really matters is that our climate is Mediterranean (one of seven in the world), characterized by hot, dry summers with cool nights.

Which is exactly like the Italian peninsula — and exactly the inverse of the climates of Bordeaux and Burgundy which have cooler, wet summers with warm nights, and are roughly 1000 miles north of where we are.

The map tells the story best...

All over Europe, for centuries, people have sought out the vines that make the best wine in their climate. Not the ones that get ripest, but the ones that make the best wine.

That's why they grow what they grow, where they grow it: it wants to be there.

So we've chosen to trust those centuries of experimentation and focus on growing plants that come from a similar climate.

We're delighted by the results, and think you will be too.