Michael Presley


Michael Presley is our Soilkeeper, a role that is utterly pivotal in the health and success of our farm, and a task he took to like a duck to water. And he loves teaching, so if you see him (he’s often at the winery property), ask him about anything… and learn.

He grew up 100 miles south of here on a century-old apricot farm, then went on to get his degree in meteorology at UCLA, where he also studied soil, botany, and indigenous cultures.

Throughout his career he has been a grower and creator, starting in 1982 when, while at the Farallones Institute in west Sonoma county, he created an heirloom seed bank. He was co-creator of the Oceansong Farm and Wilderness Center, which in 1988 started the very first CSA in the county. He created the organic tea product line for Taylormaid Farms, learned to bake bread (and build ovens), and and and. And he makes compost like no one else.

He embodies Biodynamic farming, and is recognized as one of the leading practitioners — and teachers. His combination of scientific knowledge and spirituality makes him a perfect fit here at DaVero, and a welcome addition to the team.