Ridgely Evers & Colleen McGlynn


Ridge bought the land in 1982, but it really came into its own when Colleen came on the scene in 1993.

Colleen grew up on a family farm in rural Wisconsin, so her love for the land and farming is deeply ingrained. Her parents had ten children to feed, so cooking was a focal point in the McGlynn household. Colleen carried that passion for fresh, farm-raised food into her professional career as a chef.

Ridge, meanwhile, grew up in suburban Cleveland where despite the fact that everything came either frozen or wrapped in plastic he developed a real love for great food, and the land. When he first came to California in 1967, he knew it was where he wanted to live. And when he first saw the farm in 1982 he knew he’d found home. He’s had a long career in high-tech, but always in parallel with the farm, and it’s clear where his heart and passion are.

They share a commitment to creating a multi-generation, farm-based business that is economically, agricuturally, and environmentally sustainable.

Their love for what they do, and their passion for quality, are infectious.