2016 Estate Altobasso

A unique estate blend of Sangiovese and Barbera, the two varietals enhance and play off one another, creating a deep, complete wine with structure, balance, and acid that portend a great future. It's an incredible food wine, and especially good with rich meat, pasta, and duck.

From our estate vineyards, 60% Sangiovese from our Hawk Mountain Vineyard (up high or 'alto') and 40%  Barbera from our Valladares Vineyard (down low, or 'basso').

Winemaking Notes

The fourth release of our signature blend is right in line, once again proving that the whole can be greater than the sum of the parts. Extended aging (28 months vs 20) gave it extra time to mature, which will show best form 2021 and beyond.


   Estate, Hawk Mountain Vineyard  ~  60%
   Estate, Valladares Vineyard  ~  40%



Release Date

February 2020


   370 cases

@ $75
Note: available to Club members only