Balsamic Vinegar 15 Year

True Balsamic vinegar is unlike anything else in the world.

For starters, it isn't made from wine: it's made from 'mosto' — cooked-down juice from white Trebbiano grapes. Then it is aged in a series of ever-smaller barrels, each made from different pairs of woods, for a minimum of 12 years, during which time it takes on incredibly rich and complex flavors as it simultaneously becomes more concentrated. The end result is as close to magic in a bottle as you'll ever find. The really old stuff is well over $100 for 150 milliliters!

We're fortunate to have found a maker outside of Modena - the heart of the land of Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale - who follows the old ways. We're able to import a small amount of his 'younger' balsamico (only 15 years old!). Despite its youth, it has received the Consortium's highest rating of '4 leaves.'

@ $25