2013 Estate Sagrantino Riserva

A remarkable 6 years after harvest, we have released our 2013 Sagrantino. This wine gratifies an early realization: this is the best vintage of Sagrantino we’ve ever produced!

For the uninitiated, Sagrantino originates in the heart of Italy, in a small town called Montefalco. It is the most tannic grape in the world, and is unknowably old and cherished by those who are allowed to grow it.

Because of the wine’s complex and nuanced nature, we highly recommend opening the night before, or double decanting a few hours before enjoying. With time or decanting, the 2013 vintage has a profound complexity of black currants, gamey meats, blueberry, black olive, and red fruit.

All of this makes an equally delicious and meditative wine. You just have to sit with it. Years of cellaring are possible, but we’ve held it back long enough so you can open and enjoy now. Other bottles, you’ll want to keep age for future affairs that deserve a capstone as special as this wine. (Enjoy now through 2040.)   

Winemaking Notes

 Aged 32 months in neutral oak barrel.

Varietal Notes

Sagrantino originates in the heart of Italy and is indigenous to a small town in Umbria called Montefalco. The grape nearly went extinct before being resurrected in the 1960s by a group of local growers who believed in the potential of this bold and complex varietal. After one glass of Paolo Bea’s Montefalco Sagrantino, Ridge was a believer too. This is the most tannic grape in the world, so the resulting wines are powerful, with incredible depth and finesse. Sagrantino is the reason why we make wine at DaVero. 




Hawk Mountain Vineyard



Release Date

Fall 2019


300 cases

@ $95
Note: available to Club members only