Here's what we're tasting today...

Please drop by the tasting room to sample these items — and, of course, to see the pigs!

2015 Cannonau - Testa Vineyard

While the aromas lead with gentle-strawberry confections, the palate is assertive and tannic, becoming increasingly complex showing aperol, smoked game and tan leather. This magical contrast of gentle and firm is part of what makes Cannonau so seductive.


2015 Estate Barbera

 2015 Barbera has tremendous depth and beautiful texture. This is Barbera with an opinion, showing concentrated red and purple fruit flavors, with nuances of rose, cinnamon, anise, cedar, and dill. Drink now with decanting or lay down in your cellar through 2028.


2016 Dolcetto - Russian River

The idea behind this vintage of Dolcetto is simple; an everyday, easy-drinking, table red. Just as it has been enjoyed in Italy for years.

2016 Primitivo - Ponzo Vineyard

The wine delivers the big fruit-forward flavors and bouquet you'd expect, but does so with elegance and a long, lean finish. Old world in style yet distinctly Californian.

Balsamic Vinegar 15 Year

True Balsamic vinegar is unlike anything else in the world.

For starters, it isn't made from wine: it's made from 'mosto' — cooked-down juice from white Trebbiano grapes. Then it is aged in a series of ever-smaller barrels, each made from different pairs of woods, for a minimum of 12 years, during which time it takes on incredibly rich and complex flavors as it simultaneously becomes more concentrated. The end result is as close to magic in a bottle as you'll ever find. The really old stuff is well over $100 for 150 milliliters!

We're fortunate to have found a maker outside of Modena - the heart of the land of Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale - who follows the old ways. We're able to import a small amount of his 'younger' balsamico (only 15 years old!). Despite its youth, it has received the Consortium's highest rating of '4 leaves.'

Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil

'Green-gold love juice!' - Iron Chef Mario Batali

Over two decades ago we imported trees to our farm in Sonoma's Dry Creek Valley from a 350-year-old Tuscan estate famous for its oil. Our goal was to produce a California olive oil that could stand with the world's best.

Our award-winning Dry Creek Estate oil is 'extra-virgin elixir' according to Appellation magazine, and star chef Mario Batali calls it 'spectacular' and uses it as the premier house oil at his legendary New York restaurant, Babbo. Consistently placed among the world's top olive oils, it is rich, fruity, peppery, and delicious. It's great with salads, pasta, soup, new potatoes, and grilled vegetables - or just for dipping bread.

The olives are hand-picked, then pressed the same day. The oil is unfiltered, first cold press, and is bottled in small batches throughout the year, with the unbottled oil stored under argon gas to keep it fresh.

375 ml bottle

Estate Meyer Lemon Olive Oil

This oil is made from our Estate olives (the same ones used in our award-winning Dry Creek Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil, but harvested later when our Meyer lemons are ripe.

Crushed together using a traditional stone mill to extract the maximum flavor, this oil has an amazing lemon 'nose' and flavor atop a wonderfully buttery foundation.

Lemon oils are an age-old end-of-harvest tradition. For centuries, Italy's olive oil makers have celebrated the end of the season by crushing lemons together with the last olives of the harvest.

It's a wonderfully versatile way to add interest to many dishes. Try it as a simple dressing for fresh salad greens, for marinating and finishing fish and shrimp, or for drizzling over vegetables like fresh-picked green beans, fennel, radicchio, and asparagus, or...(Hint: check out the Meyer Lemon Olive Oil Cake on our Recipes page!)