Evan LaNouette


Evan’s presence at DaVero stands as testament to the power of Serendipity.

He was born close by, in Santa Rosa, but grew up outside Columbus, Ohio from the age of 11.

He always had a deep interest in winegrowing and winemaking, and when it came time to go to college Evan selected Cornell, an Ivy League college that was founded as an agriculture school. He majored in viticulture and enology, and after graduation moved to New York City where he furthered his knowledge at the legendary Italian Wine Merchant.

His favorite wine? Sagrantino.

And so it was that one day his resume showed up in our inbox, and the rest was easy.

Evan is our Cellarmaster and is responsible for our wine(making) — a model in which we largely step out of the way and let Mother Nature take her course. He started with the 2013 harvest under Dan Fitzgerald (our very able consulting winemaker), but with the 2014 harvest he’s flying the plane himself, inagurating our new winery with a dozen different varietals! Judging from his results, It’s clear we’re in the right, very capable, hands.