Rea Prince


The longer we’re at this, the more convinced we are that things really do happen for a reason. For proof, one need look no farther than Rea Prince.

Here’s Rea in a nutshell: he ran the front of the house for the top chef in Tel Aviv; fell in love with wine; discovered Biodynamics; made Biodynamic wine with the top producer in Alsace, who gave him our 2010 Sagrantino and said, “go there” – and called us out of the blue in 2016. He’s worked harvests in Italy, France, and New Zealand, and is the top-ranked wine taster in Israel.

He brings a profound understanding of wine and, in particular, its cultivation. He shares our philosophy that Nature makes the wine, meaning that our role is to do what we can to assist. Which is why he holds the pivotal position of Winegrower.

Over the last four years, he and Evan have elevated both our vineyards and our wines. Much of that you can’t see yet, so literally the best is yet to come. He’s also an authentically lovely human who instantly became part of our family, along with his amazing wife Kim who he met here just a year ago.

Can you see just how lucky we – and you – are? Serendipity strikes again!