We take great pride in the incredibly rich bounty of our family farm, where we grow olives, grapes, citrus, fruit trees, lavender, and vegetables.

And few things give us greater joy than sharing it!

That’s why we’ve designed a different kind of club, one that embraces everything we do. We want you to really experience it all – the wines, olive oils, vinegars, jams, and even our farm itself. So in addition to wine, in every shipment you’ll find interesting goodies along with a cool booklet  with news about the farm, tasting notes, pairing suggestions, and recipes from Colleen and her many chef-friends.

Join the family!

Raccolta Luna (“Harvest Moon”)

Releases in February, May, & September

12 bottles per release
($500-$750 each)

Flat rate ($35) shipping on club releases

Priority access to Estate & Partner Wines and Olive Oils
Exclusive access to Small-Lot Wines

Mezza Luna (“Half Moon”)

Releases in February, May, & September

6 bottles per release
($250-$375 each)

35% discount on club release shipping

Estate & Partner Wines and Olive Oils


Shipment Customization

Special case pricing on our “Daily Drinkers”

No shipping charge for add-ons

Early notice of Winemaker events in your area

Current tasting notes and serving suggestions for your wines!

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Frequently asked questions

Which Club do I belong to?

Just log in – you’ll see your Club membership level.

How do I update my info?

Just log in to update your credit card, billing, and shipping information. You can also email Dee, or call her at (707) 431-8000 ext 2 if you’d prefer.

May I pause my membership?

You may, though for only a single shipment (after that, your membership will be terminated to make room for people on our waiting list).

Can I add to my Club set?

Absolutely – and there’s no additional shipping charge! Just reply to your Club shipment announcement email with your add-ons, or call Dee at (707) 431-8000 ext 2.

What is the difference between Club-only and Allocated items?

We’re very small – so small that we typically don’t have enough of a particular wine or olive oil to sell to the general public. Those items are designated Club-only.

When we don’t even have enough to supply the Club, we allocate the item – first to Raccolta members, and then (if there’s any left) to Mezza Luna members.

If you’re serious about wine, and DaVero, it really pays to be a Raccolta member! (Especially if you live outside California; the flat-rate shipping saves you a lot…)

When can I pick up my shipment?

You can pick up any time after you receive the Club shipment announcement. After a certain date (see the club release email for specifics), we will send your shipment to you automatically unless you’ve made prior arrangements with us.