“Grow what belongs here.
Be patient.”

This simple premise summarizes everything we’ve learned, and guides us in everything we do — how we care for our land, how we farm, how we make wine and olive oil and the myriad other products from this magical place.

It started over 30 years ago when we found the land that has become our Home Farm; it grabbed our hearts from the first instant, and has never let go.

We lived with the land for years before deciding that what it wanted to grow first was olive trees. So in 1990 we imported olive trees from Tuscany (the first olive trees brought to the US since the 1800s), planted them, and waited. The result is an olive oil that is widely acknowledged as one of the very best in the world.

Then, in 2000, we planted our first small vineyard to Sangiovese, and then to the rare and magnificent Sagrantino, and waited. The result is wines that equal the best Italy has to offer, which led us to plant an ever-wider range of Italian varietals.

Along the way we embraced Biodynamic® practices, and waited. The result is land that is increasingly vibrant, and now supports olive trees, vineyard, fruit trees, citrus, lavender, produce, and chickens, pigs, and sheep.

It all wants to be here. And we are grateful to be here with it.