Estate Meyer Lemon Olive Oil

This oil is made from our Estate olives (the same ones used in our award-winning Dry Creek Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil, but harvested later when our Meyer lemons are ripe.

Crushed together using a traditional stone mill to extract the maximum flavor, this oil has an amazing lemon 'nose' and flavor atop a wonderfully buttery foundation.

Lemon oils are an age-old end-of-harvest tradition. For centuries, Italy's olive oil makers have celebrated the end of the season by crushing lemons together with the last olives of the harvest.

It's a wonderfully versatile way to add interest to many dishes. Try it as a simple dressing for fresh salad greens, for marinating and finishing fish and shrimp, or for drizzling over vegetables like fresh-picked green beans, fennel, radicchio, and asparagus, or...(Hint: check out the Meyer Lemon Olive Oil Cake on our Recipes page!)

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